FeaturedEggless Biscuit Cake – Easy Recipe to Try During Corona Lockdown

Hey guys! This is Anjali, the new author of this blog. I have come here to share my way of enjoying the lockdown period due to corona and cooperating the country to overcome this critical phase.
I know you all guys are getting bored during this time but don’t worry I have a solution for this. You just have to recognize your latent creativity and use this for your entertainment.
I too tried….
These days I just realized that I am enjoying cooking and so diverted my mind and tried my creativity there.
Since, I am a working woman I rarely get time to try my passion but now I’ve got a chance to try my hands in cooking shooking.
I tried many recipes for the first time and one of such is the Biscuit Cake. Yaaa!! You heard right. I know most of you guys will start thinking… Cake!!! What’s the big deal or isme kaun si nayi baat hai??.. But guys… This is a big thing for me…. Because I have made it for the first time and that too without the help of anyone and only with the guidance of my dear would be saasu maa 😀which makes it unique in itself.

So, here’s the recipe to make biscuit cake.

Ingredients to make the cake:

• 3 packets of Bourbon biscuits
• 5-6 spoons of sugar
• Less than half small bowl olive oil/refine/ghee/melted butter
• Half small bowl milk
• 1small spoon baking powder, 1 small spoon baking soda
• 1 pinch table salt
• ½ spoon vinegar
• Refine oil for Greesing the pressure cooker.
• Parchment paper/ white paper
• Maida for base layering


Step 1:The first thing u have to do is…. Just cut a parchment paper according to the size of the base of your pressure cooker. Since I have no container and it is not possible to buy it in the current scenario, that’s why I baked in the cooker directly. Now, grease the cooker completely using refine/butter/ghee and place the parchment paper/white paper in the base of your cooker and grease it too. Now sprinkle maida on the base and ensure that it is minimum of 2-3mm in thickness.

Step 2: Make a powder of three packs (120 grams each) bourbon biscuits using grinder.

Step 3: Now make a fine powder of 6 table spoons of sugar and then add 1 pinch of salt, less than ½ bowl of olive oil, ½ bowl of milk, 1 spoon baking powder, ½ spoon of baking soda and mix it in a jar giving it two or three grind.

Step 4: Add ½ spoon of vinegar in the mixture and mix it gently by using a spoon and then add the powdered biscuits and give it a gentle mix, first manually then mix it by giving it three grinds (10-12 sec) in mixer.

Step 5:Now pour the barter into the cooker and tap it gently and close the lid of the cooker after removing it’s rubber and whistle.

Step 6: Increase the height the burner of the stove which you can do by just placing the one stand above the another.
Place the cooker on the stove and let the cake get baked at the lowest flame for 20 minutes. Ensure that no direct fire touches the cooker. After 20 minutes, check the cake by using a fork or tooth pick. If it comes clear, it means the cake is ready and if not, place the lid again and leave it for 10-15 minutes more.

Step 7: Switch off the burner, open the lid and let the cake completely cool down. Once the cake is cooled down, detach it from the sides using a knife and place a plate over the cooker and turn it down. The cake will automatically comes down on the plate. The Bourbon Biscuit cake is ready. Now decorate the cake using dry fruits, cream or serve it plane.

Now the point is how is this cake different from other cakes?
Bhai… Maine isme vinegar use kiya hai… And do not forget about one pinch of salt. It actually makes the cake fluffy and gives it a different flavour. Woo… Kahte hai na… A little bit of salt enhances the sweetness….

So guys!!! Please try this style of bourbon cake and enjoy your lockdown with your families.


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Delights That Soothes Narendra Modi’s Taste Buds

FeaturedDelights That Soothes Narendra Modi’s Taste Buds

I live simple, I eat simple & dress simple. It’s another thing that my simplicity has turned into fashion for some! – Narendra Modi 

Nation’s heart-throb, a big enemy of Black Money holders and Honorable Prime Minister of common Indians, Mr. Narendra Modi believes in simplicity. Being one of the most searched men on Google, Mr. Modi has created a revolution in India by banning higher denomination Indian currencies of Rs 500 and Rs. 1000, thus taking a major step to improve the financial system of India. Well, hats off to our P.M. because to do this, one really needs a 56 inches chest. 🙂 Continue reading “Delights That Soothes Narendra Modi’s Taste Buds”

Besan Masala Mathri – Easy to prepare Crunchy Snacks

Besan Masala Mathri – Easy to prepare Crunchy Snacks

Hey guys! This is Anjali, have come here with a very simple and easy Indian snack recipe which is Besan Masala Mathri. If you guys really think of munching some best snacks with your evening tea and consider samosa and cutlets too heavy, here comes an easy and light mathri recipe which last for 20 to 30 days once stored in air tight container.

Here’s the ingredients to make Masala Mathri
• Besan: 1 cup
• Maida: 1 cup
• Refined oil – 250 ml
• Ajwain – 1 table spoon
• Salt – As per taste
• Dried Kasuri methi – 2 spoon
• Pizza mix seasoning

Here’s how to make Besan Masala Mathri

Step 1: Take 1 cup of maida in a lage bowl. Add 2 spoon of refine oil, salt as per taste, ½ spoon of slightly crushed ajwaine and make it a hard dough by using less than ½ small bowl of water. Cover it and leave it for 20 minutes.
Step 2: Take 1 cup of besan in a large bowl again. Add salt as per taste, 2 small spoon of refine oil, 1 small spoon of slightly crushed ajwaine, 2 small spoon of crushed dried kasuri methi and 1 small spoon of pizza seasoning. Mix them and make hard dough by adding less than ½ cup of water. Cover it and leave it for 20 minutes.
Step 3: once 20 minutes is over, smoothen both the dough separately by using little refine oil. Now make two parts of maida dough and two parts of besan dough. Make their balls.
Step 4: Take one ball of maida dough and roll it by using belan and make a thick chappati of at least 2mm thickness and of 8-10 cm diameter.
Step 5: Do the same process with one ball of besan dough too.
Step 6: place the besan chappatti over the maida chapatti and roll it using belan for an eveness and adjustment of both chapatti with one another.
Step 7: now roll the chapatti by using your finger. Use a little water at the edges for better sticking. Press the roll for evenness and cut it in pieces of 1cm each.
Step 8: press each piece with your palm and roll it using a belan in a little circle shape of 3-4 cm diameter.
Step 9: Take refine oil in a kadhai and heat it. The oil should not be too hot and too cold. Place the small rolled pieces in kadhai one by one. 10-12 pieces in one time. Keep the flame at low -medium flame. Once the pieces comes up, turn them one by one. Flip the pieces after 1minute and ensure that it is golden from all sides. Once it is golden, take it out by straining the extra oil.
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Here is your besan masala mathri ready for your evening delights. Enjoy it with tea or with any types of chatni-green chilli chatni, sauce or red chilli garlic chatni.
Watch Now – How to Make Peanut Butter at Home.
Do try this Indian snack recipe and utilize the time in the Corona lockdown.
Stay safe and stay at home. Will come here again with a new recipe. Till then, take care, bye bye. 😇

Try the Economic White Sauce Pasta

Try the Economic White Sauce Pasta

Hey guys! This is Anjali once again. This time I am here with a very simple, easy and budget friendly white sauce pasta in the current scenario of lockdown. Hope u all guys have tried my previous Bourbon cake recipe and enjoyed it with your family.

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This Strange Food May Improve your Eye Sight

This Strange Food May Improve your Eye Sight

Hey folks,

Recently I went to Chaibasa to attend my cousin’s wedding. While returning back I visited to the local tribal market. I was really surprised to see that they were selling this strange food which they claim as the best food to improve eyesight.
The food was a kind of red ant and on asking how to eat it, appended was their reply.

“The preparation is very easy. You need to grind the ants using traditional grinders made of rock, add garlic paste and holia, the chatni (sauce) is ready to eat.”

However, being a vegetarian I am not found of eating ants. 🙂

You can watch my latest vlog titled – Strange Tribal Food on Jharkhand. In the vlog, I’ve also mentioned about the delicious vegetarian food served in one of the dhabas on the way to Chaibasa.

Watch the vlog below.

Peanut Butter at Home

Peanut Butter at Home

Hey guys,

Recently I made peanut butter at home and believe me it was way healthier and cheaper than one one you get from super markets. I’ve just spent INR 100 and 15 minutes in the making. Peanut butter is one of the best diet foods and alternative for mayonnaise, cheese spread and butter. It is full of healthy fats, antioxidants and other vital nutrients  Click the below link to watch my vlog on the same.


An Introduction to White Jamun

An Introduction to White Jamun

White Jamun is a variant of Black Jamun which is widely eaten in summer due to its refreshing and cooling nature. This fruit have a waxy texture and its pith is white in colour. This seedless fruit is juicy, tastes mildly sweet and can be eaten without peeling the outer skin.
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Bhoonja-Best Indian Snack for Winter

Bhoonja-Best Indian Snack for Winter

Stepping out of our home or office in the cold evening is quite adventurous. Some people enjoy the foggy weather, and some feel it a bit intolerable.
Personally, I love the scent of winter because it’s all about feeling the mist on the skin and inhaling the smell of hot bhaji, pakoras, and bhoonja.
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Vegetable Biryani Is Pulao! It’s a Myth

Vegetable Biryani Is Pulao! It’s a Myth

Some of my friends who are non-vegetarian say that there are very fewer varieties when it comes to vegetarian food. Most my friends who are non-vegetarian believes that vegetarian dishes can not taste better than a roasted chicken, mutton stew or any other non-veg delights. Continue reading “Vegetable Biryani Is Pulao! It’s a Myth”

Munch the Crispy Desi Masala French Fries

Munch the Crispy Desi Masala French Fries

I could still remember those school days when my mom used to pack plain aloo bhaji/bhajia with poori or kachori for my lunch.

She used to peel off the potatoes, slice it in long thick pieces, deep fry them and sprinkle salt on them. That time we used to call it as plain aloo bhajia (now French fries) which used to be my favourite lunch during school days. Ah! I really miss those days.

Today, in the morning when I woke up I wanted to soothe my taste buds with those crispy French fries adding some desi flavors in it.

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Voila! A Portal To Find ATMs Dispensing Cash Near You

Voila! A Portal To Find ATMs Dispensing Cash Near You

Today, in the morning I was like, Oh I need cash. How will I have my breakfast 😦 ? No, no. I don’t want to spend Rs. 100 on my breakfast 😮 . I went to many ATMs but all of them were out of cash. Even I asked my colleagues, “Hey dude please give me Rs. 100 cash”, “Hey bro can you please give me Rs. 100, I’ll transfer Rs. 110 in lieu of that”. Some said “I don’t have” and some said, “I will give you but till today evening return me the cash because I have only Rs. 100 with me”. Continue reading “Voila! A Portal To Find ATMs Dispensing Cash Near You”